Flash Memory Continues Growth By Shrinking


I guess my issue with flash memory is cost and not size. While the price has decreased rapidly over the past 10 years(I remember 10 years ago a 64 MB CF card was $200) flash memory still isn’t cheap enough to satisfy the storage desires of many at an affordable cost. I am thinking of those who want an affordable mp3 player with 128 GB or more of flash memory. Such a player doesn’t even exist yet, but if it did, it would probably be over $500.

Any guesses as to when an mp3 player with a terabyte of flash memory will be under $100? Since a 64 GB SDXC card is around the same price as a 64 MB CF card was 10 years ago, that is a factor of 1000, or a geometric average price decline of around 50% a year, so I guess it would take around 6 years for one terabyte SDXC cards to be available retail for around $50.