Flash Drive (Cruzer 256GB) Glowing but not connecting to Computer

I have tried everything from reinstalling it and rebooting it, and I cannot get it to become a D: drive again, I have data on there I want to put onto my PC. But I cannot as it will not connect, but it keeps glowing as if it is working. and I have tried it on 2 PC, and it didn’t work on either, and I have also tried another blank drive that did work.  Anyone know how to fix the one with all my data or if it is possible to recover and move all my data onto the PC, even though it isn’t connecting??

It doesn’t sound good asdke1.  The fact that you’ve tried it on 2 PCs with the same result is not a good sign.  If the data on it is important I recommend finding a local pc specialist repair shop to see if they can repair the drive.

A tip I’ve heard about years ago that may help is to place the flash drive in the freezer over night then try it in the morning.  If it works copy the files immediately.

Thanks for the advice, but that Flash Drive actually hold more GBs than any of my current computers until I can afford something better. I will check a PC Specialist place soon, but I am unsure if they work on something like a Flash Drive. Also where did you hear about putting the Flash Drive in the freezer? That just sounds like a trick to fool gullible people.

The freezer trick is from my son-in-law who is a tech.  Though maybe it was for a hard drive.