FLAC files , ok internal memory not on the micro SDHC !

Hi Everybody !

I have a Sansa Clip + 2Gb. And i have one microSDHC 8Gb inside (FAT32).

I try to play some FLAC files, It’s work on the internal memory of the sandisk, but when i tried to put the same folder on the memory card. I use the view “Folders” for playing music.
The sansa shows “Empty”.

Its a bit strange. Each files are encoded with the last version of flac codec in level-0.

The firmware on the sansa is the V01.02.18A.

Thanks to your help !



Thanks at Tracyohus  (#28 message) ----->  Super topic !


You need to follow this steps :

  1. Backup current content.
  2. Format the card to FAT32.
  3. Put card in the player and turn the player ON.
  4. After the player completes refreshing media, turn player OFF and remove the card.
  5. Put content back on the card in the MUSIC folder created by the player.

It’s work perfectly !