Flac ARTIST=TITLE Bug + Solution

Ok so like the title says…

I’ve seen this issue pop up sometimes on my player.

Up until now I did not know what was causing it.

Im not going to go on with much here aside from the solution.

Its the ALBUM ARTIST tag field in the flac file that is causing the problem I’m pretty sure.

And the solution is simple… Remove it.

I can’t say %100 if this is a complete fix but I’ve done some testing and its working for me.

Also the tag software “Tag&Rename” automatically by default adds this problem tag and it can be turned off in the options.

I have a lot re-tagging to do now LOL

I can confirm this problem and the solution posted above. It is indeed the ALBUM ARTIST field causing the issue. Deleting it solves the problem. Thanks xpmule!

IDK about FLAC, but with OGG files, my solution has always been to delete anything that indicates the name of the artist. Then, readd the info. I’ve tested this with several files, and it always seems to work.

hmm interesting

I’m curious what tools you would use to do that ?

I prefer “Tag & Rename” but it has limited support for tag fields compared to “MP3 Tag”

The later is more powerfull but Tag & Rename has a smooth gui to tag your media library.

Ocasionaly i edit tags within winamp too but i don’t like doing that because it rewrites / modifies other tags.

And i ALWAYS avoid Media Player or Windows Media Center, if i let them near my audio collection

they screw with tags and frequently delete my custom high resolution artwork and replace it with numerous

crappy small dimension art pics hidden in the album directory, i still havn’t finished cleaning up after the last time that happened, i stopped WMC after it screwed up about 1,000 albums on me but the damage was already done :frowning:

Anyway… if you have another way to skin the cat then great :slight_smile:

I, too had the same issue with WMP. That’s why I learned that if you use it, then you should make a copy of your artwork and rename it to something like “AA” (without an extesnion).

Anyway, I mostly use MP3Tag, and occasionally MetatOGGer. I should add that simply resaving the tags isn’t enough. You do need to remove the artist info, save, and readd.