Fixed Disk vs Removable Drive for Music Playing

I just replaced my old 32G Cruzer (which I lost) with a new one.

I use the Cruzer as a Music player in my car. I plug it into my laptop, Windows Media syncs my entire library, then I plug it into my car & it’s seen as an MP3 player. It worked flawlessly.

The new Cruzer because it’s recognized as a fixed disk is not seen by Windows Media at all & incapable of syncing my music library. I can copy my library but I store all my music encoded at MP3 320bps & that’s too large for my car. When Windows Media syncs it reduces the file sizes to something more manageable.

I’ve read your other posts and I understand that you’re stuck with Microsoft’s new stupid initiative that removable storage should be seen by the system as non-removable storage. I will not try to understand the logic there. I’m assuming there’s a bug in Windows 8 & it’s easier to force the entire storage industry to change than fix the bug.:confounded:

My question is that given my purpose for the Cruzer, have I just purchased a brick? Should I just toss it in the garbage & buy something from another manufacturer or is there some kind of workaround?

Thanks for your help. I do appreciate the grief this initiative is causing you. Maybe you should just go back to Microsoft & tell them it’s a stupid idea to make removable drives pretend to be fixed and you won’t comply.

Years ago when flash drives were Removable there were a couple of apps that allowed the config to be changed to Fixed.  I suspect at some point there will be an app that supports changing Fixed to Removable.  If we see it we will post a link to it.

In the interim you can throw your 32 GB drive in my waste basket and look for one that doesn’t have Windows 8 support, hopefully a SanDisk or a different brand.  Another option would be returning your 32GB drive to the store and exchange it for a different model.


Do you know if anything was ever released to change a fixed USB back to Removable? We have a similar problem with playing audio through an MP3 player and it not recognising the fixed drives? 


Anyone here? One of my friends is getting this but so far, I’m unable to look up anything online about this.

I know I’m being dense here but can anyone tell me how to transfer music in itunes libraries into me computer so that I can then transfer from computer to iexpand?