First Time Syncing Problem

I am having sort of the same problem.  I just purchased my new Fuze and plugged it in.  I started to sync it and it was working great until i tried to update my rhapsody program and it had to close the program, thus stopping the sync.  I tried to sync it again, and it said it was transferring 1 of 430 to the fuze.  It has not moved in over eight hours.  I have tried shutting down the fuze and my computer, and nothing seems to have worked.  What do i need to do?

Also, it appears to not be moving.  I thought I’d throw that in there. :confused:

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My guess is that you were doing a little too much multitasking. 

I suggest you unplug the Fuze. Under Settings, go for Format, which will erase all content you have added (it’s all still on

your computer, right?)

Then update Rhapsody, then sync again.