First reported Kinect-related accident

You probably remember the rash of accidents when the Wii was first released: the Wiimote would slip out of some wildly-gesticulating doofus’ hand and smash the TV, their brother, a stray dog walking past an open window, etc. You may have thought things like this couldn’t happen with Microsoft’s new “controller-free” device. You’d be wrong.

Which is why I  use the Playstation Move :slight_smile:

Ever watch the reality-TV show Cheaters , where Joey Greco brings the camera crew to confront the unfaithful?

I saw a recent episode where the girlfriend took a bat, and repeatedly tried to smash a television screen.  After a half-dozen good bashings, she gave up.  The big plasma screen she hit next didn’t fare so well.

There are several amusing video clips of big screen TVs meeting an early demise on YouTube, good stuff.  Ouch.

Bob  :smileyvery-happy: