i have the 1.02.31 frimware, but there is a better one: 1.02.32

 i used to have 1.02.32, but is reset my fuze and now its 1.02.31

 i want 1.02.32 back  but the updater says there is no new firmware.

 i have tried reinstalling the updater, but it doesn’t work

please help me!

.31 is the latest firmware for the Fuze. There is no .32 available (except for the Clip, which obviously won’t work on the Fuze).

is there a slot radio icon on the main menu for 1.02.31?

01.02.31 has a slot radio icon and is the latest firmware for the fuze to date! George

well, mine 1.02.31P doesn’t hace a slotradio icon

i got the icon! you have to set it to english and north america

In your case the P stands for your region. Mine is A and that stands for North America.