Firmware upgrade fails

I’ve been using a Fuze 4Gb with 8Gb external for about a month - everything worked well.

I have just upgraded my operating system from Vista Ultimate to Windows 7 Ultimate and the first time I connected my Fuze device the Sansa Updater was automatically invoked and I was informed of a firmware upgrade. This was initiated but on clicking on ‘Finish’ Windows indicated a devicee failure, my Fuze displayed a blank, lighted screen and does not respond, even when disconnected.

The Fuze remains with a blank, white screen but does not power down nor does any other control react on it. When again connected to my computer the connect sound is activated but the device is not recognised - Windows reports (control panel>device drivers>usb controllers) “Unknown Device”. No driver for the unknown device can be found.

Presumably the Fuze battery will eventually be exhausted and the screen display shut down, but until then I can not operated the device at all. How do I get a working firmware back into my unit?

Thank you for any advice. 

Okay, red face. I posted in a panic before reading the FAQs and found I had not pressed the reset (power switch) long enough to restore. Doing so got me back to a working unit.

My apologies for an unnecessary post