Firmware Updater will not Install: Fails with "Cannot open OLE!"

I have tried to install the Firmware Updater on two computers.  One desktop and one laptop - each running Windows XP SP3.  In both cases the Firmware Updater fails to install, failing with error message, “Cannot open OLE!”  I am running as users that are members of the Administrators group, and there is plenty of RAM and disk space in both instances.

Is there another way to get the Sansa Media Converter, or some other way to get the Firmware Updater to work?  Sansa folks gave me direct links to firmware update files, but not to the media converter.



Hope it’s OK to reply to your own post!  :stuck_out_tongue:

I thought hard about what was different between my two PCs and the rest of the world, and landed on software.  Specifically, I have an internet filter called Net Nanny from ContentWatch.  Disabling the software did not work, but I did a full uninstall and the Firmware Updater now functions properly.

No more “Cannot open OLE!”, and the problem is solved.  I will add that the Sansa chat support staff suggested that I contact Microsoft about the problem - they even gave me the URL!  My primary goal was simply to install the Sansa Media Converter, so (before solving the problem ) I asked that they provide a direct link to offer an alternative to the Firmware Updater.  Seems logical to me, but I’m sure they have reasons for not doing this.