Firmware update - weird behaviour

I finally got round to updating 3 v1 clips that I haven’t been using for a while.  I updated all 3 v1 clips (2x 2GB, 1x 4GB), set the region to Europe on all of them.  Booted them back up, all said .32F.  Turned them off, then back on and the firmware version on all 3 became .32A.  I originally noticed because the Europe version doesn’t say goodbye and the US version does (why is that??). I tried updating again, same thing happened.

The clip I use daily is a v2 8gb model. I wanted to figure out if there were any differences between the US and Europe versions so I purposely set it to .32A (I don’t use the radio so I figured there wasn’t much point changing it to the .32F firmware, plus I did like the goodbye).

It doesn’t really matter to me, since I couldn’t really find any differences, but I thought maybe it might be something to take into account on any new updates. 

As far as I know, the only difference is the US version does not automatically limit the volume level (that can be done under settings).  I don’t recall if the radio setting is different, but note that the US version allows you to select the radio setting between US and World. 

Like I said, there were no differences (other than ‘goodbye’) for me so it doesn’t bother me.  I’m pointing this out as it is obviously a flaw with the new all-region firmware, I’m not looking for advice, but thank you.  This never happened when downloading the specific file for the region.