Firmware update problem

I just tried to download an available firmware update. Message said I needed to free up memory in my Fuze 8gb. It is less than half full. Every time I open updater I get the same message. Now what?

Have you tried manually updating the firmware?

That’s an interesting one.  The device only needs 20MB free or so, to hold the new binary file before performing the installation.  I haven’t tried stuffing a Fuze to the limit before reinstalling a firmware binary, but I have done so with about 100MB free as a limit.

Definitely use the “manual installation” method described.

It’s entirely possible that the FAT is corrupted, making teh device think the memory is unavailable.

To correct this, connect in MSC mode, and run chkdsk on the fuze from teh PC.  You can do the same thing by right clicking on My Computer, then select manage.  Select the connected Fuze, then click on “check volume for errors”.

Unplug, and let the device refresh the database.  You should then be ready for a firmware installation as described in the firmeare thread.  Be sure to select the proper version, as the v1 and v2 devices have a different firmware build version.

Bob  :smileyvery-happy: