Firmware update or RMA?

Hello. I have a Sansa SanDisk c250 mp3 player, and I’ve owned it since Feb 2007. It was a gift, so I’m not sure if it was new or refurbished. I am currently having problems with the functionality of the power button.

The power button does not work. The player charges, and when I disconnect the player it remains on. This is how I tested the functionality of the other buttons. The player still shuts the screen off in power-save mode after one mintue, and all buttons but the power button will “wake it up”. After five minutes, as per my settings, the mp3 player powers down on its own. Then, I cannot turn it back on until I return to my computer to charge it. Needless to say, I cannot turn the player off otherwise either since the power button doesn’t work.

Will a firmware update, or reformatting the memory, or other such solution work for me? Or, will I have to call technical support and eventually RMA the device?

Thank you very much for your time and assistance. :slight_smile:

probably gonna have to contact support to RMA it, they may ask you to try all those things because its “worth a shot”, but sounds more of a physical problem then anything else.

From what your saying it does seem to be an issue with the power button. Their is a one year warranty on the player from the date or of purchase or in your sitaution from the date it was received. This player was new in box when it was given to you right? If so then the button issue should be covered.