Firmware Update 01.02.18 on my Sansa Clip+

After doing a Firmware Update 01.02.18 on my Sansa Clip+ I am unable to make Playlists anymore-Via Right click in>USB auto detect mode …Anyone know…Whats up with THAT???..What good is it if I cant setup a Playlist??? Do i need a driver for my OS???Help Please…My OS :Win7 With sp1

Also in settings >USB auto detect mode Win7 can’t recognize it anymore…the only way it can is when it is in USB MSC mode…Any help would be greatly appreciated…Thx so much

Whenever I came across weird issues like that I would install custom firmware, realize I hated it and reinstall the standard firmware. If you can try reinstalling the firmware and see if it helps.

It could be a problem with your cable. If you have another one for a camera or something, try it.

Otherwise, reinstall the firmware manually. Mine works fine with Win7.