[Firmware] Sansa View Firmware 1.03.02 Download

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Let’s make this an open letter to SanDisk: Hey guys what are your SW-developers doing all the time ? How long is it since the last firmware, 1 year ? So IMHO this has been enough time to fix the open bugs, but nothing happened.

Please, if you abandon this player, help the Rockbox community to port Rockbox.

Still open bugs:


  • Entries on an microSD card appear multiple times: Every time a new file is added, the files added before appear one more time in the list.
  • It still takes very long to boot with an microSD card fitted (I use 8GB). Hey guys, ever heard about hashes ?
  • Still no wrap arround possible (I volunteer to help you with this, just send me you navigation code !).
  • Update-bar freezes.
  • No detection of removed files: Warning appears: “Missing track” and that’s it, no reaction anymore. But the entry is not even removed from the data-base after a reboot :frowning:
  • Font error: All texts are bold, only the “Aktuelle Wiedergabe” isn’t ??
  • Shuffel on the all tracks freezes (nearly) the GUI which makes it nearly unusable.

Not yet verified: UTF8 or UTF16 ID3 Tags not working (at least I have no success).



BTW: I still prefer it over an iPod, but SanDisk doesn’t make it ease …




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Hmm, no link in the SansaView wiki ?Or did I just miss it. Anyway thanks for it.

I’m just so disappointed in this product, I’m going to go review the View, and SanDisk along with it, on several big retail sites.  Hopefully I will spare somebody else the frustration of the View.

I plan on using 42bs’ list of bugs in all my reviews, thank for posting. 

One more “bug”: No seamless-replay :frowning:

I’m not playing anymore.

I’m tired of all the crap we have to put up with from this company.  I’m gonna do my best to make it hard for them to sell the rest of their view inventory.  I have posted this reveiw on walmart.com and bestbuy.com and I will be hitting up more sites as the day progresses.  If they don’t want to help out the view community then I don’t want them seling view to unsuspecting consumers.

Help stop the view from being sold anywhere!


Sandisk’s achievement with this player was phenomenal when it first came out.  The hype and sandisk’s past support made it one of the best alternative players for people who didnt want to be considered an ipod wannabe.

What they failed to do was actually follow through with any type of support.  They passed three failed firmware updates that actually degraded the player more than helped it and honestly EVERYONE that uses their sansa uses the original firmware because it has better stability than the latest version.

Requests to Sandisk fall upon deaf ears as they seemed to have moved on to the fuze and other MP3 players.

If you want a buggy MP3 player pick this one up.  If you want a good MP3 player find one that a manufacturer supports.

If you want to know the details just go on the sandisk sansa view forums. I guarantee in two posts you will NOT want to pick up this item. 

Good luck ever seeing your review show up on Best Buy, I submitted a review several weeks ago and it never showed up on the site. They still have the same four reviews up that were there when I submitted mine.  Go figure. 

i completely agree i emailed the customer suport this is what i sent

i just have one question, what is the deal with your sansa view dont you
read on the forums if this kinda of crappy service continues to go on i
garuntee you that you will not have very much buisiness. What is the problem
would it kill you just to update the sansa view i dont know maby once in a
blue moon cause that seems to be the case. If your objective is to drive
other people crazy until they just go off and but an ipod or something else
then you acomplished it the onle reason i havent is becouse i do not have
any mone to purchase an ipod. seriously you probobly get alot of email just
like this one but im telling you your buisness is not going to last much
longer if you continue with this kind of customer service. and every time i
email you with any kind of problem i dont ever get the information im
looking for just little hints to “fix” my isues WELL YOU KNOW WHAT THE KIND

and this is what they sent back

Thank you for emailing SanDisk Technical Support. It is our goal to make sure you have all the resources you need to get the most from your product.

It seems that you had an issue with your Sansa View player before and it was already resolved.

Please give us more details regarding the issue that you are having with your device. This will help us provide you with the appropriate troubleshooting specific to the issue you are encountering.

If you have time, I encourage you to complete your registration information to allow us to process and track your case history faster when needed.

  • Part number (please take note of all the numbers that you can find on the device)
  • Color of your device
  • Capacity of the device
  • Place of purchase
  • Date of purchase
  • Refurbished (Yes/No)
  • Sealed Retail Packaging (Yes/No)
  • Physical Damage (Yes/No)
  • Phone number
  • Where are you located? (Country)

To get a general view of the environment you are using your device on and to identify if the minimum system requirements are met, kindly provide the following details as well.

  • Brand and model of your computer
  • Operating System
  • Desktop or Laptop

Please refer to your My SanDisk at http://kb.sandisk.com anytime to see all of your incident history and product registration information. You can log in using your email address as your login and the password that you created.

Also, you can visit http://kb.sandisk.com, our online keyword searchable Knowledgebase, to easily find answers to your Technical Support and Customer Service questions for all of SanDisk’s products. Simply enter your search terms and our Knowledgebase will search an extensive database of commonly asked questions as well as our online forums at http://www.sandisk.com/sandisk-support/forums.aspx to provide you with the most complete answers possible.

Should you have any other concern with our products, please reply to this email.

Best regards,
Jovert Añonuevo
SanDisk Technical Support


ps i no longer heart my sansa i HATE MY SANSA

Please, stop doing this. It won’t help you or SanDisk. And SanDisk does not deserve this since it is a situation out of their control. If you want there is a certain other company who deserves every product they have to sit on the store shelves who is responsible for this.

 Really solid input Yelped, everything is crystal clear now.  :neutral_face:    Keep up the good work. 

:smileyvery-happy: :smileyvery-happy:

I have noticed that there has not been a firmware update for quite some time now (over a year ?) and people are still having issues with the view.

the only issue i have, which isn’t really an issue, more of a request for the next update (if there is going to be one) is this:

i have a neo jukebox (product no longer manufactured and company out of buisness) installed in one of my vehicles and it has a great feature for driving, once you scroll to the artist->album and start playing, it will continue to play all music in listing order. this is a great feature while driving as you are not constantly distracted by choosing the album or artist to listen to, also works great in the garage while working, don’t have to constantly touch the player while your hands are all greasy.

i know that view as a play all feature, but it won’t let you skip ahead to a particular artist->album

would it be possible to incorporate this feature in the next firmware update ?


SuperDave… if you’re waiting for that update I’d start shopping around for another MP3 player.   This thing is almost unusable and they won’t even address those issues, no way their going to work on/update a ‘feature’ in my opinion. 

We should turn this into a “Which MP3 player are you ditching your View for” thread. 

(We’re probably now due for a Yelped retort about how it’s not Sandisk’s fault…)

Ain’t that the truth! :smileyvery-happy:

@yelped wrote:
Please, stop doing this. It won’t help you or SanDisk. And SanDisk does not deserve this since it is a situation out of their control. If you want there is a certain other company who deserves every product they have to sit on the store shelves who is responsible for this.

What a funny reply.

Please answer this question: who’s responsibility is this? Mine as customer?

Frankly, I bought a Sandisc player. From a Sandisc retailer. I don’t care who programs the firmware- as long as it’s working. And if it’s not working, it’s Sandisc’s fault.

It’s OK for me if they buy firmware and other stuff from another company- but if they actually make buissness contracts which don’t include warranties and software support, they are- forgive me the wording- not acting like an professional IT buissness but like a garage shop run by a 12 year old.

So, maybe the firmware bugs are not their fault in a “technical doing” view of thing- but they are still responsible for it. If they don’t manage to build a new firmware, the customers *at least* should be noted on that.

The way it is now, with the customers being left in the dark, is just one thing: the plain proof for me that one should *NEVER* buy *ANYTHING* from sansa again, because they don’t care about their products once you bought them and show no professional responsibility.

And to come back to your post:  If they act that way yes, they *deserve* this.

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Very well put Jazzer, I for one will never give SanDisk another of my hard earned dollars on any product and encourage others to do the same. 

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…I for one will never give SanDisk another of my hard earned dollars on any product and encourage others to do the same. 

Not even for the new Clip+? I can’t wait to get an 8GB Clip+. All I’ll need do is move my 8GB card from my Fuze and be able to listen to all 15GB of FLAC music on it…once I load all of the internal mem with half of that amount. :slight_smile:
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Marty, surely you jest?   On principle alone I’d never buy another Sansa/Sandisk product after the complete and utter failure the View has been for me. Good luck with the Clip if you feel like giving some more money to these jokers. 

What we need is a companion site to anythingbutipod.com, anythingbutSANSA.com.   


Went and added a comment on anythingbutipod’s review of the View, looks like it’s well documented piece of junk but one more word of caution can’t hurt.


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Honestly, my 16GB View was my 5th Sansa and first problem one.  My daughters have been happily enjoying their E-series players for a while.  I’m getting ready to bump them up to something newer and bigger, but they’ve enjoyed them without issue for a couple years plus.

I’m sure that has much to do with my disappointment in the View and its support.  I’m now keeping my music on my LG mobile phone.  The irony?  It’s all on a Sandisk 16GB MicroSDHC card that I trust wholeheartedly.

Kirk, you lucked out SanDisk didn’t decide to load their MicroSDHC cards up with some broken firmware.    :dizzy_face:   I’d consider that a victory.

I’m sure they have some decent products somewhere in their lineup… well no I’m not really sure of that, but odds are something they make isn’t complete crap.