[Firmware] Sansa View Firmware 1.03.02 Download

I was looking all over for the release notes. Thanks for posting this!

I see now tiy officially acknowlege MSC mode … any chance of supporting a playlist option in MSC mode as well? m3u, etc.



Thanks for the update.  Now when are you going to fix the FM Radio reception problems?

When I saw the following in the release notes:

        Inconsistent battery life for music playback

I thought you had fixed the bad battery life issue which was introduced with the 1.02.09 firmware (10-12 hours max with music).  But the battery life is just as bad with 1.03.02.  It did fix the lockups when using random playback though.  Can the battery life be fixed to be as good as it was with 1.01.06.  I got 20+ hours with that one.

And yet, still no shuffle fix.

Hi…I just wanted to ask where do you find the links to download directly the firmware? I tried to browse http://mp3support.sandisk.com/firmware/ but it seems it’s not possible.

Is there a way to look for updates without using the sansa updater?


@fredericks wrote:

Hi…I just wanted to ask where do you find the links to download directly the firmware? I tried to browse http://mp3support.sandisk.com/firmware/ but it seems it’s not possible.

Is there a way to look for updates without using the sansa updater?


mmmm… you seem honest: Just read this thread, you will find links at the very first post.

yeah…ok…sorry…I didn’t express myself very well…I found and downlaoded the link for the sansa view…I just wondered where I could find the same links for my old c250…

Thanks again

c200 Page

Be sure to check what c200 version you have by checking the back bottom right side of your device before loading firmware.

thank you for the information…But it seems I have the latest version of firmware…so it’s ok…it’s a pity that I have version 1…so no micro sdhc…

Thanks again

What’s the verdict on this one?  I’m still running 01.01.06, and it works marginally okay - although it locks up during some videos.

Is it worth upgrading to 01.03.02?  The only complaint I see in this thread is that the battery life during playback isn’t as good.


well there’s that and the rewind works whenever it wants to. But I suppose that’s better than it not working at all which was the case before. It’s an mp3/media player, the rewind should work period. come on sansa get it together. 

So is the newer firmware worth the effort? My new unit has the .1.01.06 version right now

I just bought a Sansa View and am new to MP3 players.  I have a stupid question:  what the heck is firmware?  How can I tell if I need to download it or if my View is already up to date?  Thanks.

Firmware is the software the runs when you turn on your MP3. (Menus, Playlist, etc).

You sansa will have a disk that should load the tray app (sansaupdater.exe) that will check your current version w/ the available version and update is you wish. If the tray updater does not load on boot, you can load it as follows:

“C:\Program Files\SanDisk\Sansa Updater\sansaupdater.exe” -iloveit



Suggestions for next version of firmware.

I am very content with my Sansa View. I only have difficulties finding the music on my Sansa View. It took quite some time to arange my music database in such a way that I can find my tracks on my view, mainly because of different handling between the sansa view and Windows media player.

A suggestion is to add an additional search in the music list: on “album-artist” similar to windows media player (for example to find al the albums with “various artists”).

- It would also help if the MP3 tags could be read back on the screen

- It would be helpfull if scrolling all the artist or tracks could go faster, by first going through the alfabet. My View can handle 4000 music numbers, but I can not scroll all through this number of files for a music track / artist starting with the letter “z”.

- there is also a difference between Sansa View and Windows media player, because WMP leaves out the “the” of an album title.

Similar handling in both WMP and Sansa View, I would consider a great improvement.

I’d like to see the ability to create/use subfolders in the video section. That way I could do my dvd’s as multiple files and store then sepratly in their own folders instead of all movies lumped into one spot. I realize I could just make one larger combined file but you have a higher risk of the audio getting out of sync the bigger the file in my experience.

I’m having a problem of converting my audio books CD’s to my player.  I’m so confused as I’ve tried everything and it does not recognize any of the files on CD

As I understand it the View is only compatible(will recognize them as audiobooks) with audiobooks that have the .aa file extension. 

These are only available for purchase from audible.com

I suppose you could transfer your cd’s to your pc and convert the files to .mp3.  The problem is you won’t have any audiobook functionality at all.  The device will treat them like anyother mp3 music file.

Been off this board for over 6 months now, purchased a View, 16Mbyte for my wife at Christmas time last year with version 01.01.06A firmware, still working fine.  Ha, only problem is that 16Mbyte is not nearly enough.  So what’s with this version?  Improvements?  Back then, upgrades were going backwards, recall installing version 01.02.09A that created problems and going right back to version 01.01.06A.

Oh the problems we had when we first got that thing, but forgot just about everything about it.  Wife asked me if I wanted my own MP3 player, I found she had an old Technics SL-D33 turntable, restored that to new condition and having fun with that, LOL.

She remembers how to make playlists using Windows Media, I forgot about that too.  Is there an easier way to make playlists today?  Is SanDisk providing software now?