Firmware rollback removed? Please explain.

Can someone please provide an official word on rolling back from 1.32.00A firmware?

I am finding it impossible to roll back from 1.32.00 frimware.  Has anyone done this successfully and if so how?

Can someone please offer an explanation on why this particular firmware has no rollback capability?  This is the first firmware I have ever seen that can’t be rolled back.

Earlier firmware versions could be rolled back as has been discussed in this board. 

Can someone explain why 1.32.00 was released without a note in the release notes stating that this version can not be undone? 

1.19.0 was when the “menu sluggish” issue was first reported and people noted that it was not evident in 1.17.  I don’t deal with audible books or playlists so many of the enhancements don’t apply to me.  I’d love to rollback to the original firmware release to make a determination for myself which I prefer, but it seems I am unable to do that.

Now I am stuck with a version that I must wait 45-60 seconds after turning on the unit to boot, and when I go between the “album” list to “song” list, it takes 8 to 12 seconds for the song list to appear after a swipe.

I have gotten explanations for this, and that is well and good, but am stuck until a new update is available