Firmware on Sansa 260

How do I find out what version of firmware is on my Sansa 260 (all original at this point, I think) and whether or not I should upgrade it.  If I should, how do I do that? I know I must connect it to my computer, and probably open a website. Then what?

Hi 260usa!

On my M250, it displays the firmware version number for a second or two just after I turn it on.

The version number appears in tiny print in the top right corner of the display screen.

Try it and see if you see it on your M260.

As for updating the firmware, I’m still trying to figure that one out myself.  I suspect that I need to “down” date mine by going back to an earlier version of the firmware.

Here’s a web page you might find helpful:

Updating the Sansa m200’s firmware

Let me know if you figure this out,

Will in Seattle

a.k.a. “Clueless”

Do you have a ‘C’, ‘M’ or ‘E’ series player? 260 just indicates the size of memory (4GB).

When I boot it up, it doesn’t give any indication of firmware in upper right corner or elsewhere.  I watched it like a hawk.  In answer to the other question, it says it’s a 4.0 GB on the back.

See my response in your other thread.