Firmware installation

Hi All.

Sorry for being so dumb, but I am trying to disable radio on my sansa clip, and I see that this can be done by upgrading to a European firmware, the problem is that I have no clue about firmware, when I plug in my sansa I can browse it as windows explorer, but I don’t have any special software installed on my computer to that effect, PLEASE tell me how to know which firmware I have and how to get other firmware versions


I don’t know if it’s possible with the current firmware. 

Here’s a thread from a couple years back, discussing how the letter used in the firmware file that you apply changes the firmware options and operations, including as to the radio.  But this is from more than 2 years back–unknown if matters still work that way with the current firmware, _ and it could bork your player _. 

Personally, I’d leave matters as they are and just ignore the radio.  (I guess you also could try this with firmware from the time–the Sansa Clip board has a repository of the Clip firmware:

To try it, you would download whatever firmware you are going to apply, unzip the zipped file to get to the firmware file you need to apply to your Clip, change the letter of the unzipped file per the first thread above, and then apply the firmware to the player (instructions as to that are in the second thread above, and in the firmware upgrade sticky at the board here, at the top of the Clip forum).

If, by any chance, you try it, would be interesting to hear the result …

Once again, though, this could kill your player, and I’d advise against it, personally, unless you don’t care about that possibility … 

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