firmware enhancement and basic improvements required


After having purchased the Clip Sport, I have to say i am quite disappointed.

Mainly (very) 2 irritating things:

  • not being able to resume file (podcast) where we last played them, e.g. it is frequent that one would switch between podcast and Music, however there is no record kept of the position you last played the podcast/file. This is really a showstopper.

  • lock function,using the ClipSport for joggging, the most irritating strengthened by the above point is when you inadvertantly press on something making you move to another file. IF the above function was present, then the absence of lock function could be accpetable.

I have been owning an IPOD before and these basic features were present so its hard to get back to stone age…

Other than this, I appreciate the litle size of the player and its ability to clip anywhere.

So I really hope the firmware update will include these corrections.



At least as to the latter, yes.

Count me in on the lock feature please. 

I have updated my clip Sport with Firmware 1.17.

This addressed the recurring issue i had been having, where the ClipSport was freezing on the logo and could not turn on, at all. Good point. This also brought the lock feature, ok. i could have done without and always considered it as nice to have.

BUT BUT BUT what a disappointment to note that the Podcast resume facility (i.e. when switiching from music to podcast, there is no record where you last played the podcast and you always start podcast from the beginning, quite irritating) is still missing.

This is a major showstopper to me for a very very very basic use of this kind of player. Am i the only one often switching from podcast and music, desperatly looking after this feature???  I would have never bought the player if i knew this before!



is the podcast in the podcast folder? if the files are stored in the music folder only the last file played has a resume point. If you save the files in the podcast folder and access it from the Books > Podcast menu selection you can pause the file, use other functions like radio or Music, then return to the file and it will ask if you want to resume or play from the beginning.