firmware & drag/drop

glad i found this site… hope it helpes me with my fuse. im first question is- what firmware do i have on my sansa? i bought it june 07, and havent done anything with it since.

on to my problem with getting music on the dang thing. i was reading the instructions, thinking hey great- drag and drop is a sinch! so i try it at my home and when i get everything in the folders- it shows its there. but when i exit out of the folder on my sansa, and go back into it the music i put there is gone. i am using limewire as a source of getting mp3s, if that has anything to do with it. i tried syncing with my WMP but for some reason i have to locate the folder my music is in to get it to refresh my library list. also when i sync it- it puts 2 copies of the song on my sansa. i wish i could get the drag and drop issue figured out to make my life easier and quicker! thanks for the help guys!!!


i bought it 7 months ago and im just now using it.

Have a careful read of this thread.

Go to settings > System Settings> Info> The first thing listed is your firmwire.