Firmware Changelog

Is there anywhere that I can find a firware version changelog listing for the Sansa Express?  I’d like to decide whether I should go through all the trouble of updating my firmware (I’m running Linux) based on picking up any particular bug-fixes or feature enhancements. 

My current version is 01.00.15A2 .  In particular I really wish power off while paused would resume on power on or baring that that my auto power off settings would survive a power cycle.  Or if both of those are a pipe dream that resuming would work more reliably (it seems that it does not correctly resume about a third of the time).

Anyone have any links to san disk resources describing the nature of the f/w updates or whether later version fix any of my issues?


For all I know.  This firmware fixes a few problems that a lot of us has been screaming over:

  1. boot up problem
  2. Kingston 2g & PNY 2g mSD problem resolved
  3. SDHC supports up to 8G

Well…that’s all I know.  Hope this helps

This is great news !

Is there any confirmation about the 8GB support ?

Thanks !

If someone has an 8G to try out with the new firmware on Sansa Express…let us know the result how it is doing…thanks :slight_smile:

i have the 1gb SE, and i had a different firmware and tried to use a 1gb microSD and it didn’t work, i downloaded 01.01.05, and it works like a charm, just did it last night

I haven’t tested it personally, but i have seen people report here that their 8GB cards work.

Couple of days ago I used the ‘updater’ and it installed a new firmware in my 2GB Express

It is Version 01.01.05F and not the one ending with ‘15’ mentioned in other posts !

I am in Europe. Is the xx.xx.15xx for US only ?!


Will I need that firmware to used 8GB microSDHC cards ?!

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No, you have the latest.


I’m also using Linux, and I was wondering how people manage to update the firmware on these SEs without Windows installed (WINE won’t run it properly as far as I’ve tried [many times])?

An updater that’s Linux-native would be very nice, whether or not it exists. The firmware on it is version 01.00.015A2.


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Unfortunately, Linux just isn’t going to happen - SanDisk only supports Windows, and the Express can only be updated using that little program.

There may be a way to drag certain files from the firmware update onto it in MSC mode, but I can’t test that at the moment.  Google was not helpful.  If you try it, please let us know how it goes!

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I have the latest software installed 01.01.05A and then to 01.01.05f , the settings reports the addition of Sandisk 2GB or 4GB and the total amount of memory but one cannot write to the 4GB Sandisk microSD!

I suspected as much :/. MSC mode? I can only access “USB storage” “mode” in my Linux-based OS. If there’s a way to make it do that in Linux, I’d lie to know (I’ll read the manual too in the meantime).