Firmware 01.01.17 Bugs / Suggestions

Hi Guys,

I got my Clip Zip about a week ago, and am really enjoying it so far.  As SanDisk are good about issuing firmware fixes and updates for their players, I thought I’d share the some UI bugs / glitches I’ve noticed in Firmware 01.01.17 and a few enhancement suggestions in case they are useful:


  • Battery level symbol appears on the album art only playback screen after a while.
  • Letters of the alphabet are displayed when quickly scrolling through a list which is not sorted alphabetically (such as an album track listing).
  • If the screen has turned off while plugged into a computer, it sometimes does not turn back on when unplugging, and stays off until the database refresh is complete.  I think this tends to happen after leaving the player plugged in for a long time.  (I use MSC mode if that makes a difference)
  • The elapsed / remaining time displayed for podcasts and audiobooks do not update when they are showing through the volume adjustment or resuming playback semi-transparent overlays.
  • The track position indicator begins and ends its travel a few pixels from the sides of the screen, which makes it harder to work out where in a track you are.


  • Resize album art with a better algorithm - if I manually resize embedded album art to 96x96px with bicubic resampling, the image looks much better on the player’s screen than if the player does the resize.
  • Change ‘Shuffle List’ at the top of the Album menu to pick random albums and play the tracks in order, as someone wanting individual tracks to be shuffled could pick that option from the music or song menus.
  • Add a setting to optionally replace the clock with a track number and track count display on the playback screen.

Hope this helps,