finding files with converter.

when i click on add media i can go through my files but theres nothing in them, but when i do this using mycomputer all my vidoes are right there. whats the deal here?

Mine has extension .wmv or .avi

Tpe of files: MPEG-4 Movie (which are the .avi files)  or   Windows Media Audio/Video file (wmv)  or  Video Clip (avi)

Eiher of those seem to work on mine.

Help - this happens to me too!

Help - this happens to me too!

@mingus wrote:


Help - this happens to me too!


So what files are they to begin with? 

What are you doing?

What type of files are you trying to convert?  Full length dvd, youtube videos, etc?

Make sure the files are not in a Zip folder.  If they are inside a zip or other compressed folder, they may look visible from Windows Explorer, but will not be available to the converter.  In Windows Explorer, drag the desired files so a regular folder and then open them in the converter.