Finding audiobook files

I’m a new owner of a Sansa Fuze.  This is my first MP3 player.

I downloaded three audiobooks from Netlibrary at my local library.  The books showed up at the library’s WPM in Sync.  Now at home, the books show up when I look on explorer files (mycomputer\sansafuze\internalmemory\audiobooks)  but not on WPM and not on my Fuze. What am I doing wrong?

Can I access the files and listen to the books or do I have to start over?



What is the format of these audiobooks?

And when you say WPM, you mean WMP?  

I’m a little confused.  So you downlaoded 3 audiobooks at the library and synced them to your Fuze using WMP?

Did the audiobooks work on your Fuze once you did this?  

Now you brought it home, and synced it with your WMP at home?  But nothing shows up in WMP or on your Fuze? 

Yes I meant WMP.  The audiobooks didn’t work on my player after I synced them at the library, but WMP ( at the library)  said the files were on the fuze. 

<Now you brought it home, and synced it with your WMP at home?  But nothing shows up in WMP or on your Fuze? <

Yes, that is correct.  The files only show up if I go to My Computer, Sansa Fuze, Internal  Memory, when the Fuze is connected to my computer. I thought the audiobooks were on the Fuze because after the download I used 1GB of space.

It’s fun learning something new.  I’m glad there are people who are patient with newbies.

Well my guess is that they are not in a format compatible with the Fuze.
What formats are they in?  You’ll probably have to convert them to a format that the Fuze recognizes or download them at the library in a different format (if possible).

You said that they show up in your Fuze?  If you go in mycomputer\sansafuze\internalmemory\audiobooks?  You can copy and paste them out of your Fuze if you want.

If they’re there then they are on the player, but the Fuze can’t recognize them so that’s why they’re not playing on the Fuze itself.  Why they don’t show up in WMP when you sync it to your home computer?  I’m not sure, I don’t sync my player with WMP, so I’m not really sure how that works. 

WMP will sync files into the Music folder.  To get the Audiobooks to show up on the player you need to modify the Audiobooks Genre Tag to be “Audiobook”.  This can be done in WMP11 using the “Advanced Tag Editor”

Right click the track in WMP and select Advanced Tag editor.  Change the Genre field to Audiobook.

To sync tracks from Netlibrary you MUST use MTP mode for your USB connection.  Otherwise the License will not transfer to the device.

On the player select Settings>System Settings>USB Mode>  select MTP.

To free the space up you should first delete the original file or else reformat the device.

Also make sure the books play on the computer first before you sync them to the player.  This will ensure a license is available on the Computer to transfer to the player.

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Thank you for your help.  I now have three audiobooks from NetLibrary on my Fuze to listen to.

Part of the problem was the branch library was using WMP 9.  I went to the main library where WMP 11 was used.

Also, I used MTP mode and followed the other directions concerning changing Genre field to Audiobook.

Thank you again for taking the time to answer my questions.

I have followed these directions exactly as written and I can not get the audiobook from Netlibrary to show up in the audiobook section. 

I’ve had this thing for a year and it worked fine on my old computer.  Now, I have Vista and WMP11 and it doesn’t work at all. 

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