find and play audio book

Day 3 (and I have owned other sandisk players).  I loaded the updated software to the clip-jam.  I downloaded a free French audiobook to my computer from youtube.  It plays from my computer.  I then repeatedly tried to download the audo book to the clip-jam.  It shows up as being in the audible when I examine the clip-jam connected to my computer.  I have put it in and out into books/music/audible and even outside the categories.  Cannot find it when I disconnect the clip-jam from the computer and would like to play it.  Using windows 10 and 5K player (download software from youtube).

An open invitation to any knowledgable person on the west side of Los Angeles zip 90066 for a Chinese food lunch to solve this problem.  Invitation also extended to any engineer mployee of sandisk so I can give suggestions on how to rewrite the manual. 

  1. What format is the audio file you extracted from YouTube. Is it .mp3 or other supported file format?

  2. It is likely this audio file does not have an ID3 tag, or if it does there’s something wrong with it to where your player cannot read it. MP3Tag is a great, free tag editor that is highly recommended. If you are unfamilar with ID3 tags & their importance to SanDisk players, there are many, many discusions on the subject here on the forum.

  3. You posted this in the generic “All Other Mp3 Players” board. There is a specific board designated for the Clip Jam where it will recieve more viewings and/or responses. I have asked the Mod to move this thread here for you.

Let us know if you need any more help with anything . . .