Files won't open in vault Cruzer Fit 8GB

I am able to access my vault after successfully putting in the wrong password. I can see my files in list form. However, I cannot get them to open. Whether I right click then hit restore, drag and drop, or copy and paste, the little icon comes up that indicates the computer is “thinking” for only a split second, and the file never appears. I am still on Secure Access 1.0 (“Powered by Yuuwaa”) but don’t want to upgrade until I know I can safely move my files. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks! 

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Hi Brad, do you still have a backup copy of those files inside the vault? How about deleting it and creating a new one? It could be just a glitch though.

No. Unfortunately I don’t.

Hi, Im having the same problem I want to upgrade but want to open my files first I can see them in the vault with explorer but when opening secureaccess v1 I cant see them anymore id there anyway to restore my files? I have Cruzer blade 32Gb

Does anybody know what to do with the encrypted files maybe access them with another app?