Files Won't Load

I charged up my player. Then I updated the firmware. After all that went through I tried to load files and playlist via Media Player. No joy. Every FLAC file lists and error meesage and did not load. What gives?

I figured out I was using the wrong type of playlist and corrected this. Still no joy. I get error messages for all files. I sideloaded some of the files and have no problem playing them. Media Player does not like FLAC.

It’s definitely an issue with playlists. I loaded several gigs of flac files and they are all playing. Most of the album art made it too. The one m3u playlist I loaded shows under playlists but it is empty.

I reloaded the files on the Sport and loaded an m3u playlist via Windows Media Player. I put 50 songs on the playlist. The playlist only listed 26 songs. But it played them. The other songs will also play, just will not show up on the playlist. I used mp3tag on all the files. Obviously, this is a Media Player issue. Can anyone tell me if Foobar or another program will solve this problem?

Why not use Windows Explorer to transfer the files to the player?

Do you mean Media player or Explorer? I use playlists for my music.

Which type of playlists do you use? Some require a player that is in MTP mode. The Clip Sport does not support MTP mode.