Files on the Fuze When Looking at it through PC's My Explorer

Anyone know what these files are and what they are for?






MTABLE is the Players GUI database of songs

Res info is the music resume position info

Version.sdk is the firmware version info

Video_BM are the Video bookmarks

WMPinfo not sure 

Ah, WMPinfo appears once you synchronize with Windows Media Player.  This file is handy when you have six Sansas: WiMP knows which one is plugged in, and can pull the data for automatic synchronization.

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Thanks for the info.  Good to know and to keep in mind so that one doesn’t delete them.

Thanks again! 

If your database gets fouled up, freezing the database refresh, or you get all kinds of garbage (duplicate) entries, the mtable.sys file can be safely deleted.  This is the music database listing that the Fuze will automatically rebuild when unplugged.

If the WMPInfo file is deleted, you’ll need to set up the device over again with Windows Media Player.  Happy times!

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