Files on my computer not showing up when i search to add media

I was trying to get some videos on through windows media player, but that didnt work, so i downloaded the latest media converter and i also upgraded my firmware.

When i click on Add Media, none of the files on my computer show up, no music or videos. They are all in the format i am searching for, why wont they show up? i have a sansa fuze by the way.

EDIT: the same problem occurs with my old Sansa e260

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Hi - 

I am have the same problem today with my Fuze 8GB.   I also have a 2GB microSD Card.   I have a .wmv Video file. It is about 324Mbytes and plays fineon my PC.   I plug in my device, select the SD card (also tried with Internal storage - same results).  Add the .wmv file.  Hit convert.  It converts, says it copies and give me a success message.  The file is no where to be found - either on the device or the temp storage area.  

I trimmed the .wmv file to about 30 seconds of video (2MB) , and repeated the above steps - It works fine.  I see it on the sansa, and it plays fine.

Any ideas on what could be going wrong??


same here music and videos dont show up but there are 2 videos that show up but there is nothing diffrent about them! so i have no clue. and if it helps any i use Real Player

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