Files on microSD don't show up

Hi there, 

I just got the Clip Jam, and any files I put onto the Clip show up, but the files I put onto the microSDHC (32GB) don’t show up. I’m not using the full thing, just around 8GB/1120 songs. I use a Mac (Yosemite) if that changes anything.


The Clip Jam and Clip Sport have  separate databases for internal memory and for card memory. Each is limited to around 2,000 songs. To access the database for the songs on the card, go to the card menu.

Make sure the card is using the Fat32 format.The Clip Jam doesn’t support other formats for SD Cards.

I use a Mac with my Clip Sport which is very similar and there’s no problems as long as I use the “Hidden Cleaner” app to remove hidden Mac files which the Clips don’t like but which shouldn’t stop you seeing your files.

You can also use a utility to make invisible files visible and delete those produced by the Mac, usually with a full point in front of them.

I’ve found that all the Sansa players I’ve had are better behaved with Macs than many others as long as you cope with these invisble files that the Mac produces.