Files not showing up on sansa clip

I have updated the firmware, reformated, set the USB to MSC, I have dragged songs/podcasts from my itunes to the music and audio folders. and when I disconnect the clip from my mac I don’t see any songs or audio files on the clip. What am I doing wrong?

I don’t know enough about it, but have read here that iTunes will not work with the Clip.  But since regular non-software drag and drop will, you might want to try getting your tunes out of the grasp of iTunes and onto a simple computer folder on your desktop (do Macs work that way/will iTunes allow this?), and then drag and drop from there to the Clip.  Plase post if that or something else works, to help other iTuners?

When you unplug the Clip from your Mac, does the Clip display “Refresh database”? Are the files really copied there?

I bought a couple of tracks off of itunes and drag them from my desktop to my clip’s music folder but they didn’t appear

But then upon looking the details from itune they are AAC protected with a file extension of .mp4

Yes–you would need to get the music files in MP3 form as the Clip does not support AAC files (and I don’t know if DRMed MP3 files would work, if you get them through iTunes).

i purchased a track off of rhapsody but when i go to transfer it to my clip i get an error saying unable to obtain a certificate

and i tried authorizing my device but at bottom right hand corner of the program window says not licensed

my firmware is 01.01.11A

You can format your device and it will work or just update to the latest firmware…

Note:  Even with purchased contents, you cannot drag and drop files to the device, you have to use Rhapsody application to transfer the content to the device because the files extension is not supported by drag and drop.

Actually almost right.  Drag and drop will transfer the file,  but you need the Rhapsody application to transfer the license to play the file.

The device will likely require a Format.

Go to Settings> Format> Yes

Then try the transfer again.  Also you should update the firmware.