Files from different folders get shown in single folder in folder browsing. Bug?

On my Fuze’s SD mem I’ve got two folders which are named similarly, e.g.
My Album 10
My Album 11
My Album 1
My Album 2
My Album 3
I’m using the Fuze’s folder browsing exclusively. When bringing up the folder list for these albums, “My Album 1” is missing and instead, all the tracks from “My Album 1” are mixed in with the tracks inside “My Album 10”. This happens with some other similarly named folders but not with all of them.
A look at the database file with a hex editor does not show any obvious anomalies to me so it might just be a bug in the firmware’s DB read-in routine.

On a different note: On some occasions I have seen corrupt DBs being created where file entries in the Fuze menu showed path names from the DB file e.g. 004…mmc:1:\Se
The DB structure looked intact, so again this may be the result of a bug in the DB read-in code.

Using latest FW of course.

Anyone seen this before?

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Sounds like you ran into the folder name length limit, which IIRC isn’t long. As an experiment, make another folder ‘My Album 101’ and put some files in there, and see if they don’t show up in ‘My Album 1’ as well. In short, keep them short.

Sounds like you ran into the folder name length limit. Don’t know the char count, but IIRC it’s not long. Suggest you keep names short. Spaces in folder names may not be a good thing either, depending on how flakey Fuze’s file mgmt is.

If it was OK and now it’s not, then could be DB corruption. Reformat, reload, and see. Old Fuze with lots of RW cycles?