Filenames not Song title appearing

Product: Clip Zip Firmware: 01.01.17 Basically instead of the Song title appearing in the playlist, the song is listed under its filename. Now I know it’s not an issue with the mp3 file itself because these songs worked perfectly fine on my old Sansa Clip+ I should mention that I used msc mode when I loaded the files as mtp mode was MUCH MUCH MUCH WORSE WITH THIS. I’ve checked the file properties of the mislabeled songs and all the details checked out. What’s going on?

you will need to make sure the ID3 tags are correct on the songs. If the ID3 tag info is missing the clip zip will sort by file name. 

Said songs are a select few out of a album in which every other song works properly.

Also I checked the ID3 tags. g2go

And again, the song titles were presented properly in the Sansa Clip+

can you post a link to one of the files with the trouble so we can take a look at it?

Sure, I’ll put it on mediafire. Don’t know how long the link will last for though. Here’s the link: The song is titled “Sad Waltz” The filename is “19 Sad waltz” Should mention that mp3 info displays fine in wmp and windows explorer

The ID3 tag of this file is ID3v2.2 and was created by iTunes. It needs to be ID3v2.3 IDO-8859-1 for your Sansa player to be able to read it. Other programs like WMP, etc. are more forgiving when it comes to tags. SanDisk mp3 players are not.

You might also consider blanking out the Comments field and changing the Track # info. This tag indicates 19/21. Your Sansa player can’t read that.

The overwhelming recommended dedicated tag-editing program around here in MP3Tag. It’s free and works great. Don’t rely on iTunes.

I see, thanks. I’ll try out the program. So why did that Sansa Clip+ have no problem with the songs though?

So how do I use mp3tag anyway?

How do I go about changing the tag version?

I don’t have MP3Tag in front of me right now, but basically, you load up the songs you want to edit, and then there should be a menu item where you choose the type of ID3 tag to be used. Click off the format for the Clip and then simply press the save menu item–your tags now will be in the proper ID3 format for the Clip. The last time I looked, there also were menu items you could click off as to what types of tag formats to keep and to discard. It also is pretty easy to do–you just need to find the options (which should take you a couple of minutes at best, likely).

@reginaldlaw_bt wrote:

So how do I use mp3tag anyway?

How do I go about changing the tag version?

Mp3Tag is very easy to use. To change the default format of the type tags it writes, go into the Tools menu and set it up like fellow Guru, Marvin_Martian so generously posted here.

You can simply open up entire folders, highlight all the tracks and then hit the SAVE icon to automatically change and save them to the new default Write setting ‘en masse’. You can also blank out all Comments fields this same way. To change your track numbering format though, I think you’ll have to do that one by one.