file unreadable

using version 1.1.1975  …  tried to update,but no luck clicking update in help/about

folder shows in vault, but when i open folder files show as numbers. i.e. 22 files show as

1,2,3,4,etc with no description such as film.avi and are unreadable

Removed files fm vault and came out as indicated above  1,2,3,4,etc and unreadable

the files in the vault folder are teh encrypted database files. these are not readable. you have to open the SecureAccess application to view the files. If the files are not seen inside the application it seems the database is encrypted. If this is the case the files would not be recoverable. you would need to format the drive and start over.  

is there a way to REMOVE the files fm the vault

when i open the app, my only option is 4 ways to ADD files

if i select to remove the app,what happens to files in my vault

not sure what you are referring to unless you are talking about the message that tells you how to use the app. should be able to say ok to that and access the vault. if you dont see the files in there it is possible the data base is corrupt. if you delete the application the files are also deleted. encrypted files can’t be recovered. if you do not need password protection and encryption just delete teh secureaccess and vault files and use the drive as a normal storage device. 

my only choice as i see it is to just format the disc  …  lose my encrypted files and just use the disc  w/o the security factor

    Thanx for reply

Ihad the same problem. My files are all in 000000format, and I cannot get them to open. Have you had

any luck in solving this problem? Thanks