File Structure; Clip+

Purchased Clip+; getting set to transfer my Music.  Manual is not helpful and thus far neither is Chat Support.  I use the Drag and Drop method to transfer my Music.  The Sandisk Manual simply reads drag and drop to Music Folder factory created in the clip+.  When I look at the clips File structure created by the factory, I see the Music Folder, under the Music Folder there are several Sub Folders (Music Folder\6 Sub Folders that appear to be labeled by Artist or albums…and then their are 2 more Sub Folders…all created by the Factory.

I Want to Drag and Drop my individual songs into the Clip+ and I want to be able to playback the Music Randomly, by Album, by Artists.  What would be the best file structure; where should I drop the songs so that playback can be done Randomly\by Album, by Artists?  In the Music Folder with all the other Sub Folders???

There’s a wee bit of confusion regarding the original Album folder.  This is used in MTP mode primarily, by applications like Windows Media Player.  When songs are transferred in MTP, the Sansa is recognized by the application as a media device, and items such as the album art and track list are stored in the Albums folder.

If you are using drag-and-drop, don’t worry about the Album folder, just drop your music in the Music folder.

Bob  :stuck_out_tongue: