file name

sometimes ill transfer a song and it will get a name like 01-song   or 05-song   (song is used for an actual title)

like Grillz is 01-Grillz         please help

also sumtimes ill plus in and itll sync but the number files get chnaged to regular and another file is changed

The Fuze only reads files names if there is no ID3 tag to pull the track information from. It sounds like this is what is happening and it’s encountering the same file name, so it’s re-naming to avoid over-writing the duplicate.

You should get a dedicated tagging program like MP3Tag to make sure the correct data is embedded in the file and your Fuze can then display it.

You can start with this primer on ID3 tags. The link to the free program, MP3tag is also in this post.

i mean it not really bothering me but i was just wondering