File limit?

I bought this MP3 player in 32 GB size. It’s advertised that it can hold up to 8 000 files.

I filled it up with about 1 700 files (cca 28 GB), all of them being named just numbers and extension (01.mp3 or 001.mp3), sorted into folders with simplest name possible, all of them tagged correctly.

Yet half of them will not show in the player.


The older versions of the Clip Sport player do not properly access filenames with 3-digit prefixes (or 3-digit track numbers).

Try using 2-digit numbering combined with minimal letter naming.

For example A01 - A99.  B01 - B99.  Etc

ALSO, try using FOLDER MODE.

Thanks for your answer. Unfortunatelly, it’s not the three-number ones that won’t show, it’s always the the last X audiobooks added/edited. Folder mode is not an option as I bought this for my mom, so I need the files as easily accessible as possible. She won’t be able to navigate herself among all the folders and files.

Audiobook file naming and tagging are among the more challenging aspects of using the SanDisk line of audio players.

Here is a simplified version of my personal solution for playing audiobooks from CD’s that I borrowed from our public libary.

The primary effort is to properly curate the ID3 tags of the mp3 files.  I like to use “mp3tag” software.

     ID3 tag = V2.3 ISO-8859-1  ( I usually delete all other ID tag types)

For CD01, use this name in the “album”:field. Then you can use file names 01-99 (and in the “title” field) and track numbers 01-99 in the “track” field.

For CD02, use this name in the “album”:field. Then you can use file names 01-99 (and in the “title” field) and track numbers 01-99 in the “track” field.

  Etc. May take a bit of experimentation.

As I said, the books that are missing don’t have more than 99 files, it’s always the last few books (after certain point) I add or edit :wink:

I use kid3 app on MacOS to edit the tags. I fill both 1st and 2nd tag with just Title (usualy something like “Chapter 01”), Artist (name of the writer, let’s say “Stephen King”), Album (initials and book name, ie “SK - Bag of Bones”), Track number (“01”).

All of the files are tagged the same way. First XX books show without a problem, the last X books I add or edit don’t. That’s it.

The last thing I’m gonna try is to merge the files into one to four files per book, since it seems I cannot add more than like 1500 files, even though I’m following their advices of naming files.

It’s riddiculous - never seen any file limit in any MP3/MP4 player I had! Not to mention I should be able to get much closer to the 8000 files limit this player supposedly has.