File Limit -- Seriously?

Just bought a clip Jam, and i’ve come up against the 2000 file limit ? Seriously? Why do you guys keep taking 3 steps back with your music players. The Clip + handled this no problem, yet this newer, more advanced player can’t even handle this? Is this going to be fixed?

The Jam, although newer is NOT a more advanced player.

Did you see the thread about the new firmware with 4,000 file limits for the Clip Sport? It is in beta now, however if it is liked, there is likely to be be something similar for the Jam.

I was really pleased I spent several days retagging and editing all the tag info of my mp3s, ripping old CDs and digging out music I hadn’t listened to in a while, all to go on my new Clipjam.

Whilst I knew this wasn’t the cutting edge of music technology, I really can’t believe that in 2015 I can buy a fairly recently released player with such a ridiciulously poorly thought out software/firmware system. I’m not sure who you outsourced that to, but i’m guessing you paid them peanuts.

I had to battle for days to get a small chunk of my (legally purchased) collection down to my 32gb card and the built in memory.

Seriously. It’s actually ridiculous. I’m a full time musician, if I put my releases and those of my friends/labels on there, that’s going to be 1000 files easily. That’s before I even look at my personal collection. I’m in my 30s. Sadly I started listening to music a LONG time ago, so my tastes have changed over the years, but no worries, modern technology will allow me to listen to as much stuff as I want to, but no, some cretin somewhere implemented a completely backwards system.

I wouldn’t normally waste my time signing up to whinge about something so trivial in the grand scheme of things, but this was so mind numbingly frustrating I thought the process would be therapeutic and a way to get closure on such an emotionally traumatic time in my life. Don’t worry mods, I’m not expecting a reply, and I realise that essentially this is a clear case of ‘you get what you pay for’, but I was holding out hope for the collective progress of mankind, mentally, spirtually and emotionally. But this episode has made me realise as a species we’re on a downward spiral now, and as much as I apologise to Odin, Kali and Helios, I feel we have let the Gods down and should collectively fall on our swords and rid mother earth of the blood sucking, ignorant parasite that is humanity.

TL;DR - 2000 files. Facepalm

Very well said, Matt. And your opinion is shared by many. One can hope some suit with horsepower @ SanDisk happens by this forum and sees all the negative comments on their latest offerings in the portable music player category and realizes the error of their ways. :wink: