File information not accurate

Hello all

I just purchased this and wanted to obviously put some music on it. I put just 10 songs on it to see if everything was working right.

It split my AC/DC music into two groups (on the MP3 player)… AC/DC and then unknown artists. When looking at the music on WMP it is all listed under AC/DC and even the same album. When looking at my MP3 player on WMP it says half the songs are sung by AC/DC while the others are sung by “AC”, yet on the actual MP3 player it says they are just an unknown artist.

Any help? Don’t ever want to use an iPod again but if this is what the world is like outside of iPod I might have to go back.

2 thoughts:

1, ) I had problems with AC/DC songs at first until I changed the name to AC-DC. Or you could simply change it to ACDC.

2.) Remember this is an ID3 tag-oriented device. Simply changing the file name will not change the way the player sees, reads or displays the info about the file. You need to edit the ID3 tags. If the player cannot read the tags, it lists the corresponding files as “Unknown”.

A good. free program to edit your tags is MP3Tag: