File Genre ?

    Not only do I subscribe to Audible, but I also aquire rented audio books from Netlibrary. Now with the Audible files they show up in my player in the audio books section and they play correctly, when I pause them they are bookmarked, and when I return they play from where I lift them, I can also scan threw the books very quickly, navigating sections I wish to skip or hear again. With the Netlibrary files they are contained in the “unknown” section but do at least initially play correctly, but to get them to bookmark I must force power down, also they scan very slowly, it may take a couple minuets to scan an hour ahead “note-this is slow in comparison”, as they do not often bookmark this is a problem.

I have investigated the files, I placed the Netlibrary books in a folder entitled “Audio Books” this did not work, and then in exhaustion “I love my books” looked into the profiles of the files. I found that the Audible books had a listed genre of “Audio book” like Radio head would have a genre of “Alternative” the Netlibray books had nothing in the Genre section, just a blank, ie-unknown?

If I could change the Genre of the Netlibray files would it fix my problem.

How do I change an mp3’s genre? is it a text edit in wordpad?

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you can change the ID3 tag of the overdrive audio book here

Those how to videos should be a sticky!!