File Format & Spec for Video e260r

Does anyone know what the file format and spec is that the Sansa Media Converter spits out?  I’d like to use other software to create my video files.  The new one from Sansa by InterVideo seems to have issues with my backed up DVD files (.VOB).  It will take the first three but rejects the fourth, everytime.  All my other video convesion software works fine on them so I just need to know the darn spec.  Here is what I have tried

ArcSoft MediaConverter 2.5 (paid the $30 to get full retail version) - has a drop-down for the Sandisk e200 series, creates .MOV files but I can’t move them onto the Sansa e260r and have it recognize/see them.  I tried Windows Explorer to copy them, worked but don’t show up on player (when select Video).  Tried moving them through Rhapsody but it won’t even see the .MOV files.  I moved on…

Tried creating a single small file through the InterVideo converter and then looking at it in Windows Explorer (since it does show up and work on the player).  It has an .AVI extension.  So I tried converting to .AVI using ArcSoft and no joy. 

I think I could go through a two step process everytime, take my four .VOB files and create a .MOV or .AVI… then run that through the InterVideo converter but come on!!! Just tell us the file format and spec the thing needs!

I also tried the whole change to USB/MST/MTC… whatever mode and on this player there is no such option under Settings.

Thanks in advance.

yeah. Just open up SMC and click on “See Supported File Formats”. It only uses .MOV (QuickTime-exclusive file) files for movies.