File format not supported when the file is on SD card


the file (format FLAC) is in my SD card of my Clip sport. When I want to listen to it, I get ‘File format not supported’ message. All the other file on my SD card work well.

I put the file in my PC and I listen to it. Normal

I transfer the file to the internal memory of my clip sport. It works well

I transfer the file to the SD card of my Clip Sprt, in another directory. I get ‘File format not supported’ message

Strange, isn’t it ? This file only work in internal memory, not in SD card. Does anybody has an idea why and what I can do ?

I use a SD card SDXC of 128Gb, formatted in extFAT


A few questions:

  Does your Clip Sport recognize the primary directory files on your micro SD card (Music, Audio Books, Podcasts, etc)?

  Does your Clip Sport recognize and play any mp3 audio files that you copied onto your micro SD card?

  If not, maybe try re-formatting to FAT32? Then insert the card while the player is Off, then turn the player On.

Yes, with my clip sport, I can see all my folders in the SD card. I use only the music folder, no postcast …

And I can play all my music files except the one with the problem.

When I move this file to another folder in my SD card, I can’t listen to it. But when I move it to the onboard memory. It works well.

So it seems to me the problem doesn’t come from my SD card formatting

Maybe take a look at this discussion from Jan 2015 on this SanDisk Forum.

Thank you for you reply.

Indeed, you were right. I reformatted my SD card in FAT32 and I have no problem anymore (I haven’t tested all my files, but enough to say that it seems to work)

What is a pity is that this SD card is a Scandisk card which is formatted in factory with extFAT. The SD card they sold doesn’t work well with their device, The Clip Sport. And moreover they paid royalties to Microsotf to use the extFAT filesystem