File Conversion With Sansa e200 Disconnected?

The help file for the Sansa Media Converter says:

 If your Sansa Media Player is connected, the converted video will be directly copied across; if the Sansa Media Player is not present, the video will be converted and saved to a temporary path, which you can set by clicking the Menu button, then selecting Tools and then Option.

I have gone to the menu file and have it pointing to C:\Audio\Sansa Media Converter. I can use the Add Media button to add files, then highlight them. However, unless the Sansa is connected, the Convert button stays gray and I can’t convert any files. I can see and play the file in the preview box, but cannot convert for later loading onto the e200.

I am running Vista Home Premium with SP2. Could this be related to the problem?

I think the help file is wrong. I’ve never been able to convert without connecting.

PS- when did Vista SP2 come out?? SP1 just came out spring08.

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