Few errors, and few questoins, please help

Hi, i bought my expressa bout 6 months ago, and today for somereason stopped working. I will try to go in detail, but basicly when you push the power button, it shows “SanDisk”, but after that it blacks out. It stays blacked out for a few seconds( 20sec to a min)
, then it finally turns off (i know this because while its blacked out, even if i push the power, it wont turn on, thus its still on). Also it can tell if hold is on or not, but doesnt do anything else. Also when I plug it in to a PC, it stays at “connecting”, forever and doesnt move onto “charging”. Can any one help me?

my other question was that when my sansa is off, where the blue light is on the buttons, one corner is still lit when its off. Is it suppose to be like that, or is it suppose to be off.
  Sorry for a long post, Thanks in advance,

Have you try the “micro sd trick” ? try to put micro sd on express and try to turn it on. regards

thank you very much, that worked instantly!!! But i wonder why sandisk would make their mp3players to have so much flaws…oh well, thanks again,

What is the “micro sd trick”?   I need all the help there is.  I have had allthe problems posted and still going. 


go out to a shop and buy a micro sd card. ive heard a few solutions but for me, just putting in the card and turning it on did the trick. I updated the firmware also just in case. XD. most microsd cost around 10-30$ so shouldnt hurt ur wallet too much.


Glad to help your problem :slight_smile: But I haven’t solved mine yet, I got this very annoying recording problem http://forums.sandisk.com/sansa/board/message?board.id=express&thread.id=974 http://forums.sandisk.com/sansa/board/message?board.id=express&thread.id=812