Feel foolish asking ths, but just how do you open the C240 battery cover?

In the manual, it says “press to remove the cover on the tab of the battery compartment at the back of the player”.  However, I’m not having much luck with it.  I have pressed on the the rectagular shaped tab and tried to gently push this way and that, but nothing’s budging.  I’ve pressed just on the battery cover portion of the tab, have pressed on both sides of the tab on the battery cover and the case itself, but not having much luck with it.

Just exactly how is the battery cover supposed to come off?  Does the lower end come off first or is the end where the tab supposed to come up somehow first?  I’m rather embarrassed to be asking this, but can someone provide a detailed explantion in how to take the battery cover off a C240 properly?  Thanks for your time and courtesy!

it slides off toward the connection on the bottom of it. Removing it for the first time is a challenge, but give it some extra force and you should be fine.

Hi Guru, thanks for such a quick reply!  I’ll give it a bit more tug this time and see what happens.  Thanks again.