Feauture Req: iOS App Share extension

I have a share extension on my WD MyCloud App, which is like godsend in different scenarios. Please add this feature in the iOS app.

eg. I want to add lots of photos from a moment taken few days ago via the native photos app, I will have to do it now manually from the sandisk app, however if only Share extension was there, it would have been a lot easier.

Do anybody from Sandisk even watches this forum, can somebody tell me, where should I actually post this request?

Correct me if I am wrong but the share extension for iOS allows you to post to social media correct? This option is in the WFD app. When you are viewing a picture in the upper right corner tap the share icon and you can post to facebook etc. 

I am talking about the activities which shows up when you are in other apps…

Say for example when I am in the photos app in the moments view. I can select all my pics in my trip to bangkok and just put to my Sandisk Drive, No fuss of manual selection. I generally do it with my WD Personal cloud using the WD’s My Cloud app

Check this screenshot please : http://i.imgur.com/QRpbqaa.png

Ah I see what you mean. Great suggestion. I submitted a support request with a link to this thread to sandisk support. Hopefully they could add this feature in an update. 

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9 months down the line, this didn’t happen yet, I fervently hope this request didn’t get discarded.

Can you give any link where we guys can put in this request more to make sure Sandisk actually understands that we really need this.