Feature Requests: Regarding Music Player (things like Seeking, Scrubbing, and Gestures)

Hey there.

First, I must say that your product is amazing, and the GUI for the iOS app is way better than Kingstons (whos device I am returning becasuse their shuffle order is always the same order!).

But I do have a few Music Player improvement suggestions that I hope can be implemented via an iOS app update for the device:

Ranked in order of importance to me

  1. Allow Seeking / Scrubbing by holding the << or >> buttons

This one is high on my list because I do a lot of jumping around in songs

  1. Allow defining of gesture(s)

Ex: Press and hold anywhere while music is to FW >> (fast forward)

  1. Implement Scrubbing on the time-length bar (such as when you pull down in the Music app’s time-length or some video player, it will switch to Half, Quater, or Fine scrubbing speeds (slower progression back or forward in a song/video as finger is moved horizontally)

  2. This would honestly be amzing if this was implemented (but its not critical), it it would be great to have a feature like the Podcasts app, where you have 2 buttons to skip 15 seconds forward or back in a song (I do that A LOT, so primarily I download a lot of music podcasts, just to have this feature).

  3. It would be nice to have a UI more like the Music app where it sections off each button into “Panels”, making them easier to press (say, while driving), but that isn’t critical. Maybe that could come as a UI update to iOS 7 in the future though.

I hope others would agree that these features to the iOS app could be invaluable to its functionality.

Im just glad a lof of the Fine details (that Kingston left out on their app, and even device) exists on this device. Very happy with my purchase, and will be even happier if these eventually show up in subsequent iOS updates.

Maybe if some staff member could respond about the feasability or feature planning, that would give me some peice of mind that you got this message for these requests? Kinston ignored all my emails of suggestions :-(. But I guess that is good, because I never would have tried SanDisk’s device then (Yay!)

Best regards.

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