Feature Request - Sub-Folders and PW and/or ratings restrictions

With the huge capacity to store video files, I would like to see the ability to organize videos in subfolders. I do this on my mediaserver at home, using folders to indicate movie types (Drama, SciFi, etc.). Since I use the Media Drive in the car and hotel during long trips, having videos/movies better organized is extremely helpful.

At the same time, I would like to see some implementation of password protection and or ratings/age restrictions to access the subfolders and or play certain movies. My children range from ages 6 - 12 and again on long trips I don’t necessarily want the younger kids to be able to access certain type of movies. I also don’t want my older kids to access movies that are not within their age range that my wife and I would watch.

Ratings restrictions and folder organization would be good for the music area as well for the same reasons.

you can browse using the files selection in the main menu. this will let you see the folder structure on the WMD and you can organize the files in the groups or order you want them in. 

there are no content restrictions built into the device other than the WMD network password. if you have access to the WMD network you would have access to any files on the device. access restrictions are a good idea but I do not know if sandisk would implement something like that.