Feature request - parameter for the behavior in case of holding the button for 10 seconds

Hi, SandDisk Connect WMD is a great product, you guys have made an awsome work.

A big drawback that can prevent me to bring this device everywhere I go in my pocket is the security. The problem is that even if we choose hard Admin and Wifi passwords, anybody who get our SanDisk Connect just have to push the button for 10 seconds and access our private data.

A great feature would be to be able to setup in the (admin) parameters the behavior in case of button holding for 10 seconds. For example it could give the choice between :

  • Reset admin and Wifi passwords: current behavior, nice for people scared about loosing there password, but not concerned by security of their data if the device is stolen.

  • Factory reste and complete wipe of the device (add a warning message?): erase all the data definitely. This option is very fine for me, as if I loose my password, it’s my fault, and if I want to keep my data safe I have to accept that. The passwords should be reset only after complete data deletion…

If my device is stolen, I guess the first thing the guy would try is to push the button for 10 seconds… and boom! My data will be deleted! :slight_smile:


i think your idea is great and you should share it with sandisk direct so i suggest sending an email to them directly so they can forward it to the HQ to consider it done in the newest firmware version.